Model: (Click to see more) 58101: Bush Devil
Status: Runner
Date: 13-Sep-2004
Comments: 6
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Recently I've fancied a monster truck of some kind for bashing, touring cars tend to be a bit low for running around the garden. By coincidence I was given this without a body with the Tamiya tourers in return for some body painting. I have an F150 body spare, and I think it looks great on the chassis, but I'll have to rig up a rear body post to attach it without drilling new holes in the Ranger body. The first time I ran it I put it on the lawn and tried to drive away but it just sat there. First thought was that something was broken, but it was just the rear wheels spinning in the tyres. Added a set of rubber bands (in pink!) to the wheel rims and it works fine. Much more fun for messing about than my racing buggies. Might have to look at some new wheels though, the pink is a bit too bright.

Update: found some shocks at my LHS from a Chadori buggy which cost £5 a pair (!) Filled them with 30 weight oil, fitted the Bush Devil springs and lower fitting and the handling is transformed. No more bouncing, it just sits there and puts the power down.

New cheap shocks




These are great little trucks, I like your F150 shell too. I fitted WW2 Wheels/tyres to my Bush Devil and they work quite well, lower height means better cornering!



same thing happened to me with the wheels and tyres, did the elacy band thing too! I just sprayed the wheels silver. The body suits it well!


Thanks guys for the comments about the body, it just happened to be sitting there waiting for a respray, will probably not bother now, it looks good on the blue chassis. The wheels are growing on me though.



I LOVE the look of that... it's a Bush Ranger...

Tamiya should re-release it... with 'Jungle' colours !



Looks great, this one comes with an Erica conversion to the front doesnt it?


Yes Rich the special collapsible front grille modification

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