Model: (Click to see more) 99993: Parts
Status: Extra info
Date: 13-Sep-2004
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I've put up these pictures for those who need an idea of what to do to strengthen their frog/blackfoot diff. the diff gears are okay, but the gearbox side plates are weak aluminium alloy. So the best way to hold the diff together is via a locking-screw attached via the original hole in the drive cup. For simplicity, one cup is drilled out to 2.5 mm since the hole is already 2 mm in diameter. The other cup is tapped with a 2.5 mm screw tap. Using a standard m 2.5 countersunk screw of about 25 mm length, the cups are screwed together until almost tight. In this respect, it is like adjusting a ball diff screw for play. When satisfied with the fit, the screw is removed, and dabbed with red loctite and re-attached to the drive cup and allowed to cure. the result is a very strongly held together diff gear assembly.





Fantastic idea. This would really strengthen the diff



Thanks , Jim. I thought this one up while reading up on ball diffs!!

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