Model: (Click to see more) 99998: Kyosho
Status: Other
Date: 20-Sep-2004
Comments: 8
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I won this car today from a German gentleman named Klaus. Tamland67 put me on to this car and radio. I bought another one from Hong Kong, but this one is painted in box art and in super shape. It has a very strange radio set-up, and is 27 mhz, which makes it legal in the states. Now I am really excited about this one getting here. It will take time from Europe, but the wait should be worth it. It cost me 102.00 Euros, which I consider a bargain considering it's shape and all aluminum construction. These are the before pictures and who knows, maybe the after pictures. Thanks again to Tamland67. Update; Note the homemade chassis in pic. 2. It was an early attempt at stiffining the chassis. Crude, but not bad for a kid. Everything works, which is the main thing, and although the pictures hide a lot of flaws, the body is about twice the thickness of a new one and really needs a re-spray. It came with the box and the paperwork for the car and the radio. Between this one and the other one I have with a perfect chassis, it should make a really unique piece of late seventies early eighties radio control. It also came with a box of small parts and gears and a new set of rear tires. New pictures when shes presentable!

Check out this transmitter!




She sure looks pretty. Reminds me of the days it was advertised in the Graupner Catalogue. When I get hold af official picture from catalogue + year; I'll let you know LOL



Thanks again my friend, I cant wait to see it!



Very nice, But what has this got to do with the Wild Willy comp???!??



Nothing Mossey! Wrong click and no way to remove it. Seems to be several others that made the same mistake!



if you want a body for using tell me. i own one and i would give it to you if you want. look at my showroom and search the car there if you want



Thank you california, I would love to have it! Thanks again!!!

Crash Cramer


So when will this be 'presentable'?



Probably when the other couple of hundred are, too many cars not near enough time! The radio has a steering upgrade from stick to wheel and works really well, also came with the stick and gimbals.

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