Model: (Click to see more) 99999: Misc.
Status: Project
Date: 11-Oct-2004
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You have probably seen volksrod68's amazing shell.
This is my little project. I'm trying to make a copy of my mates '52 that is rare as hens teeth. It's going to be in Subaru WR Blue. I have to reshape the boot a little, And make flaps for the front wings. If you want to be a proud owner of one of these amazing shells get in contact with KAMTEC MODELS. Or if you are quick get one from
I'm in need of a pair of bumpers for this project, I'm not to fussed what con. they are in. Can anyone help?
Update 9.1.05. Been working on this every now and then. I have found by filling the rear bumper points and droping the two bumpers down it gives it the more realistic look. I have still got some more work to do on the bumpers and the body till I'm happy with it. Update 26.2.06 Long project..... now had a bit more work and some primer.




Nicely comming along. Cant wait to see it finished keep up the good work.



Cheers bud, it means alot to me when you big up my work.



Is this guy finished yet???



This is a super cool project you have there. We had a powder blue oval (model after this shape) as a family car. It had 6 volt electrics and I think a 45hp 1100 motor in it. One of the most memorable features about this car was the flickers/indicators - semaphors which stuck out like arms to show which way Dad was going to turn. Those were the days 'Am looking forward to see what its going to look like when you are done



This was one of those projects that has been put on hold. My mates '52 1:1 has gone through changes and is not on the road as yet. I hope to get back to this when he finishes the beetle. Racecrafters: it's a shame it's still not in the family. These old girls just keep on going. And fetch good money even if they are sheds



Great project! I look forward to this one being completed as well!

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