Model: (Click to see more) 99999: Misc.
Status: Other
Date: 13-Oct-2004
Comments: 6
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What to do if you like RC cars but also like (maybe even more) a nice PC? Well the answer is simple: built one into the other... I know this is not the first project of this kind but every one is unique and I believe so is mine.

It all started with a Kyosho 1/10 Mercedes CLK AMG shell. I made a chassis out of alu plate and started to fit all parts. As standard parts I used a Epia M9000 mother board (mini-ITX form) with 512MB PC-2700 RAM, a 90W PSU, a 40GB 2.5inch Toshiba HDD (tasks to Pierrot) and a Toshiba slimline DVD-rom (thanks again Pierrot).

When the PC is on the front and rear lights of the car are on also, when there's disk access the alu wheels are lighted by blue LEDs. The DVD-rom is fixed in the front and when you push the discretely placed button it comes out with the radiator grill. All connections from the motherboard are passed through to the back of the car (something which took a lot of soldering and patience).

This project took a lot more time then I originally planned but it was worth every second. Now that it's finished I will probably sell it and start another project very soon....

A normal RC car? A Dimm as driver? mmm, I like it ;-) The DVD-rom coming out the front. A view on the motherboard. All connections in the back.




Just when you think you cant be surprised any more!!! What a great idea, Top job!!!

Maxxed Ross


What a cool idea! I like this alot! Roughly how much did it cost to put together? That is stunning (mabey you could sell it to Dell? )



That is one of the coolest ideas I have ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rothmans Racing Team


What kind of motor, speedo, and radio equipment are you using in this car? Isn't it hard to drive while dragging a keyboard, monitor, mouse and printer around the track? Isn't it slow? It doesn't seem like a very good idea for an RC racer, but it's damn cool idea!!! It's awesome. Maybe you should make the next one out of a Porsche body and throw some ROTHMANS decals on it! Keep up the good work!!!



Case modding at its finest, great job!



Very nice work, well done!

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