Model: (Click to see more) 58080: Astute
Status: New built
Date: 27-Oct-2004
Comments: 29
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Well after what seems forever, close to a year actually, I have finished my New Build Astute. I had some help here at home(see last photo), and some indespensible help from the TC members, it is as finished as I can imagine. The body doesn't really show off the nice curves when it is transparant (watch out with those thoughts).I must say the bottom tray isn't new or clear for that matter, but maybe someone has one out there they can send me for a trade or some cash(HINT,HINT). I must say, someone got inventive on cutting the bottom tray to access the gearbox only without pulling the whole thing away. The tires were quite possibly the hardest things to find. There was a nice older motor that came with a used model, so I put it in here, but don't have a speed control to put in(hint,hint). I don't know if I should put the rest of the electrics in, but I thought it looked nice with an empty resistor cover(found a black resistor bracket to blend in), motor, and servo bracket. I had a few members tell me to leave the body clear, but never asked about adding the decals. What do you think?????

The after photo Coming at you The other side,can't really tell the bottomisblack A pic of the motor, what can be seen of it!! I don't know why, but I kinda like this pic. Here is my 'help' hard at work, RIGHT. A possible driver Some smaller versions The before picture




My Astute was in the same conditions, mounted with clear undecaled body. It stayed so for a couple of years, than I finished it with red color and decals. Believe me, it's the right thing!



Stunning! Fantastic job. There is a company in the here in the united kingdom called that make repro full bodysets this and other tamiya models. They have it on there web site. Give them a shout and see if they can help you. You may be able to buy one and paint it so you can leave your own on clear. Just let him know that Andy from N. Ireland told you about them. Cheers.

Crash Cramer


Yes I do know about Kamtech, can't wait for the GBP to weaken a little to the USD as it is whooping my butt!! I do want to find a nice NEW Clear underguard because I do have a Yellow runner body. I must say the Yellow works well on this model.



Looking good Crash. Love the 'help' too. Not to sound dumb or anything. But what does FRP stand for.

Crash Cramer


Best definition that I always thought FRP stood for was 'Fibre Reinforced Plastic' some folks, namely Corvette fiends would say Fiberglass. I hope I am right about that, but that is why we are in this club, to learn. So if someone out there knows of another definition of FRP, please fill us in.



I remember reading in a Tamiya catalog that FRP stands for 'Fibre Reinforced Plastic' so you're right on that one. Nice mint Astute, you don't see too many around like this any more. When I first got my now gone the way of the Dodo Madcap, I had the body clear for a while. It was the 'cool' thing to do back in the early 90's 'round here, lol



That is a BEAUTY. I love it and I love it some more, Can't get enough of this BEAUT as I really want one!! Did I say I LOVE IT??

Crash Cramer


Rob, Thanks, I might be persuaded to dig out all my spares that could build another full Astute, so I guess my news to you, get that King Cab shell ready to ship.



If it looks like this BADBOY, we can do something!



Yes very Tasty Chris! Rig up a driver for that little bit extra!



NICE looking Astute... Hope my current project wil look as clean as this one!!!!!



The Speed Racer figure has gotta make it into this car!!!



excellent chris, does look better clear without decals in my opinion. but what do i know? my ideas quite regularly seem a little stupid! lovin the droid from phantom menace, maybe a little anakin as the driver? no he sucks, put han solo in.



Excellent car, it hink you will get a famous car, go on, great !!

Cars, Boats n Trains


Your Astute looks sweet. Did you fully ballrace it? Even the arms?

Crash Cramer


Clive, I could only WISH I had the tiny bearings for the arms, but at $4 each, I can't foresee that every happening. Unless you want to be ever so generous and give me a set of small bearings.

flux density


Oh... very nice



Hey bud, nice chat we had, are ya still after that Speed Controller for Astute?, i have one NIP Marked vanquish but parts number is same for Astute. I can throw it in that Terra box for ya!

Crash Cramer


Myles, thanks for that offer. I have to be completely honest, this car is due for an overhaul in the photo department. I have EVERYTHING for this one I ever wanted. Due to a very generous member practically giving me all the tiny bearings, I can ball race the whole car. I will get some updates when I tear it apart and put all the bearings in place, then perhaps I can show off that nice MSC.



Love the look of the Astutes, great job. I`d defenitly paint it then bring it out in the sun for some more finished pics. Nice one!



Killer Astute - great work!!

Jony Meltdown


I love this car, I think it looks as good clear as it does in red, Nice Work! I remember going into Beaties and starring at the Astute they had on display, takes me right back there seeing this one.



Just rebuilt two of these, one bashed and one almost new built. They`re awesome looking machines. I stopped once the chassis was complete on the new build, decided to leave trimming and painting the body for somebody else to do.



good looking astute i just picked up an original body set for mine but those rear tyres are impossible to find



Actually looks really cool with the clear body look! Can't wait to build mine when I get round to it!



This is nice, I like the clear body and being able to see all the gubbins underneath, Kinda makes you want transparent acrylic wheels. Your 'help' looks like a handy thing to have, tell me do they work for free or do you have to give them dental and healthcare?

Crash Cramer


Clear wheels were not something I thought about, but it might be a bit of overkill, CHROME, now that will be very cool. If I ever have an uprising of the help, I just pull their batteries out and hit the reset button, but help me if I ever find their 'Spanish' Mode.



I like it. Aluminum is the way to go on the wheels but a nice build and a good save. Keep em coming!

Crash Cramer


Hey Bradd, were your ears burning, been thinking lately I haven't heard from you. I love it, KEEP EM COMING, this post is 11 years old. I do need to get better photos loaded in though.

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