Model: (Click to see more) 58063: Lunchbox
Status: Other
Date: 28-Oct-2004
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Since there are still a few places left I thought I would enter this in the november comp. There are so many great entries that I would like to vote for a few.

I think there is a lot of support for the idea that Tamiya should release a kit with a Landrover body. Here is my attempt at one to fit the Lunchbox/Pumpkin chassis. You can also get that slammed look if you fit it on the Pajero chassis.

In the event that tamiya don't listen and never make a landrover - I can knock you up one of these for a reasonable price!


A few years back, before I knew any better, I decided to give my old Lunchbox to my 3 year-old. I thought a new body would be more interesting for him so I whipped up this 'Landrover' out of some 2mm PVC sheet I had in my factory. I added some 10mm LEDs (yellow for headlights, red for tail) and some flashing LEDs on the roof coz kids like that sort of stuff. The body is held on with M6 bolts and domenuts and held together by a few self tapping screws.

The wheels are basket cases. The fronts are held together by hotmelt, the rears are actually fronts that have been screwed to the hub adaptors.

I left the motor, speed controller and a steering servo in because I thought that when he was old enough it would be neat to put a radio in it and let him run it as a proper RC car. The only problem is that the body is so heavy that by the time you add radio gear and a battery, the tyres are completely flat! I suppose I could stuff them with foam.

Well it's been a roaring success. Both kids shove it around the house. Occasionally they ride it (I have to pop the steering arms back in after this sort of treatment) and the suspension always gets a good workout. My eldest is now 6 and runs his own QD Thundershot, my original Grasshopper and my King Black-head. This one will remain a toy for his little brother until he is old enough to handle the radio himself.




Very creative - I like it.



Could this be the new Defender they have been talking about?? I like it!!



If I add some chequer plate to the front fenders it would pass as the top-of-the-range model!



Hey that's pretty creative, Don. I like the lights. Have you run it like that? It looks pretty comical.



LOL, looks great, 'the new Land Rover city' or should that be 'new Land Rover Sitty'



Great stuff! It looks like a cross between Postman Pat Van and a Defender 90! I love it!

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