Model: (Click to see more) 99995: Motors
Status: NIB
Date: 5-Nov-2004
Comments: 13
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Been collecting the classic Le Mans series of motors since my RC collection began. Although 1 or 2 of my original boxed items were used in kits (including a 240SB now in the restored Salute), I have managed to increase the collection over time. I cant think of many models left in the original range, but an original 240ST would finish it nicely. Update 4/3/06. I have my NIB 240ST!, and have a 480WT too!

Like buses, none about then a few come along!




Wow. I love these kyosho Motors. The 360 series always had stump-puilling torque due to their 550 can size and were greatly underrated motors. Nice collection Paul. Let's see them out of the boxes...!!!



There you go Roop. Individual motor pics too. You can drool some more now!



Mmm. Lovely



Great perfomance and looks!

Josh Hulbert


There are pleny more. SPA480WT, SPA240WS, 480T (2 styles) 240T had two styles as well, I know there is more but I just can't list them now. I'm a collector of these motors as well. I used to run these a long time ago and I'd have to say the 480Gold was my favorite!!! I don't have a NIP 480G yet but I will soon Kyosho also made some newer motors in the Japanese market that are just as great looking and I think the endbells may even be better looking as well. I'll post pics when I'm unpacked from moving.


Hi, I have a pretty old 240s and was wanting to know what they are set on timing wise from the factory - Mine has no sticker. Also what do they run like? mine is in an Original Ultima and doesn't seem to have much power as well as short run time - any thoughts? cheers Glenn
P.S. Great collection, most drool worthy!!



Hi, that is a GREAT collection of motors you got there! Do you have technical data for other Kyosho motors at all.
Their naming system doesn't help when trying to work out the wind you have!



cool collection there, young sir......what wind and power does the 480 gold have then plz......also is the 480 gold the most powerful? values would be appreiciated too...

flux density


You might just be the champion collector of Kyosho Motors... cool !



Dam those are some RARE motors...if you ever wanna sell a couple let me know!



I'm interested in what people think, but I think the rarest Le Mans motor is the 240E, used it seems only in the Valencia plane.

It's a bit of an oxymoron - 4 minute endurance...

Dannie Boy





Well !! i have & drooled on my key board .
So i left . LOL . Now i would like to order some motors . Oh this is not a shop or is it .
Do you have a 480 gold runner for sale ?.

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