Model: (Click to see more) 99999: Misc.
Status: Real car / Reference
Date: 15-Nov-2004
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sadly i can't take pics during driving, cause i was the only one with a camera and i can't make pics and drive. but next time maybe TC member 'kaindi' has the power to accompany me. was much fun tu drive in hungary, close to slowakia. a short trip with 3 friends. and the technical advantage of the merecdes with 2 differential locks to my other friends is enormously. but the CHEVROLET was the PULL OUT the stucking car vehicle. 6,2 lit DEISEL engine with V8 torque. sadly the LAND ROVER has had 2 flat tires at the evening and the CHEVROLET K5 Blazer has ahd a terrible accident with the rear part. the rear window cracked during a drive through a river. just 2 degress over the freezing point of water, don't know how much or less degrees in grad fahrenheit, but very cold. and rain all over the day. great OFFROAD TERRAIN and real cheap. next time maybe my XC cars will accompany me either ? searching still a wonderful MERCEDES G model in 1:10 scale. building me onw in model like TC member 'spikey' did with a LAND ROVER isn't my thing, i would be unable to create such a beauty. but in damaging such beauties i am a crack :):):) HAHAHAHAHA

HAVE YOU SEEN SUCH A 'G' MODEL ? SELL ME PLEASE the big CHEVROLET K5 - not real higher, or ? THE 'BLUE'DANUBE-border between HUNGARY / SLOWAKIA my 3 friends




Wonderful pics marcus You need to add pics of your G model right out of the Auto body shop like you sent me So that everyone can see how beautiful this truck is without all the mud HAAH!!



Just came across these great pics, we have lots of k5 Blazers here but I wish we could buy those other cool trucks in the US!

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