Model: (Click to see more) 99999: Misc.
Status: Real car / Reference
Date: 15-Nov-2004
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so the last of my pics of my REAL XC model. differnet conditions. all the same car. i now own it since 1992 and it is a pre stock model from 1979. first green, then black, and at least dark violett touch perleffect, a Volkswagen color from the 155 Golf Convertible. :) Please keep your eyes open for a nice scale 1:10 body to fot onto my XC chassis. would real be very happy. even a biggers cale would be possible, but not the ROBBE lexan bodies. they look so ugly, i have 2 of them.

wet painted - now scratches like the GRAND CANYON looks so shiny, but not now that was how i bought it in '92 - i was very proud my first trial experiences later i tried more - i still love mud holes after the first restoration without fenders




Get yourself one of the old Graupner bodies of the Mercedes G and slap it onto an XC, it will look great.



OOPS i guess I should have checked your showroom closer!! LOL!!

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