Model: (Click to see more) 58047: Hotshot
Status: New built
Date: 28-Nov-2004
Comments: 6
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It has taken me way too long to finish this, but here it is, in all its glory. For anybody who knows about, or owns some of these Hot Trck parts, I do not have to explain how tough it is to find a complete set to totally convert a car. I got very lucky some time ago, and now it sits among the ranks of the other 2 actually finished projects I have completed! Hope you guys like it as much as I do.


Live Steam Mad


WOW! Awesomely good lookin' chassis! Lots of what look to me to be metal parts, corr, I love metal chassis parts, Yummy! I am always after metal parts over plastic ones. Man, that's one GREAT chassis... Cheers, Alistair G.



awesome does the steering servo mount?.......i plan to have links going form front to back on my hot trick too



Now that's some Hot Stuff! (D



great, now look what you've done now I've got to build, fabricate a chassis like this! WAY TO GO WG! you are one luck man



That is CHERRY!!!



VERY nice indeed - I was fortunate enough to get the complete 'boxed set' of the Hot Trick chassis for the Hot Shot........have nearly finished collecting all the other juicy hops for it as well. They really do look awesome - I am happy to have found another Hot Trick fan.

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