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Date: 28-Nov-2004
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Yesterday Willy (aka: Pandabear/Willychang), Alex (Incredible_Serious) & I met up again to run some cars - off-road this time. This particular spot is in the north-eastern 'burbs of Melbourne on a hot Saturday afternoon. The place is part of a last remaining piece of land in a new sub-division surrounded by the good ol' Aussie gum tree and mountains of dirt & bark which has been moved and dumped around the place by diggers and whatnot. I broke the left front upright of my Astute on such a particular mound trying to do a hill climb race with Alex. Little did I know that the mound went up, and then straight down! The car fell about 8 metres before landing on some big rocks and gravel. D'oh...

The following pics are of the cars we drove that day. Willy only ran his HPI nitro Savage truck which was great fun :P I ran my 'Chump & Alex - after continous bashing and being jumped on by the Savage - drove a Shumacher Cougar over anything he could find until he lost a nut from the front end which caused a front shock to almost fall off. Willy unfortunately stripped the rear gearbox on the Savage (I think I helped with that...) so at the end of the day we all busted something. It would've been odd if we didn't, lol.

Cheers guys for the great day out. Hope the sunburn's not too bad!




Excellent shots matey.... really captured the spirit of the day



Dude!, that Chump really gets around!

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