Model: (Click to see more) 58051: The Fox
Status: Extra info
Date: 29-Nov-2004
Comments: 1
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Here is another project to go with the Frog. Got this fox reasonably cheap from ebay and it's in better nick than Project Frog. Came with a technigold motor and fully ballraced, I reckon it'll be pretty quick when finished. Couple of cracks in some parts, but spares seem to be plentiful for this classic Tamiya. Had to borrow the sellers photo for the moment as I've already stripped it for cleaning. Was just going to lube the sticky MSC but because it was so much work to get to the radio box, though I'd just pull it all apart!


Crash Cramer


Looks better than mine.Sure wish those 'plentiful' parts came cheaper. Thanks for donating the chassis to my project runner.

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