Model: (Click to see more) 58227: TAO3R TRF Special Chassis Kit (Ltd. Ed.)
Status: New built
Date: 26-Sep-2002
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This Kit Has All The Bells and Whistles! The TA03R-TRF Special Chassis Kit features 27 Tamiya Factory option parts for improved performance. Lightweight, rigid Triple deck chassis kit consisting of perforated 2.5mm thick carbon fiber main chassis, Carbon Middle Deck and 2mm thick carbon fiber upper deck. Efficient belt driven 4wd chassis with four wheel independent double wishbone suspension, full bearings and several other race-tested option parts. Responsive chassis satisfies the strict requirements of experienced drivers. Super Low Friction Dampers, Universal Shafts and a host of specially colored aluminum parts create the special kit image.
Included Option Parts
TA03R Carbon Chassis Set 3mm Lightweight Differential Ball Set High Torque Servo Saver Set Aluminum King Pin Set, 4WD Front One Way Unit, TA03 Hollow Carbon Gear Shaft, TA03 Stainless Suspension Shaft Set, (4x) Aluminum Wheel Nuts (Blue) TA03 Ball Differential Set, TA03 Aluminum Counter Shaft (2x), TA03 Aluminum Motor Heat Sink, TA03 Color Stabilizer (Yellow, Yellow), 5mm Aluminum Ball Joint (gold) (14x), TA03 Aluminum Rear Upright TA03 Aluminum Pulley (15T), (2x) Reinforced Racing Slicks Type A Tire Inner Foam, TA03R Ball Bearing Set, TA03R-S Aramid Drive Belt, TA03 Carbon Stabilizer Support, TA03 Aluminum Front Hub Carrier (blue), Aluminum Racing Steering (polished), TA03 Aluminum Motor Plate (polished) TA03 Carbon Steering Connector Bar, TA03 Super Low Friction Damper F/R=Gold+Blue Tuned Springs, TA03 Lightweight Drive Shaft (Silver) Aluminum Servo Stay (Gold) TA03 Universal Shaft (Gold) TA03R Rear Long Wheel Axle (Gold) TRF Logo Sticker
Basic Specifications
Overall Length= 354mm Overall Width= 192mm Clearance= 9mm Weight Fully Equipped= 1400g (Measurement includesTP-S3003 servo, CPR Unit and 1700SP Battery. Body not included Currently fitted the Nissan R390 GT-1 and Taison Black. Wheelbase= 237mm Tread F/R= 157mm/165mm Chassis Material= 2.5mm thick Carbon Fiber+2.0mm thick Carbon Fiber Chassis Shape= Double Deck Steering Tie Rod= 3 part Suspension= Front and Rear Double Wishbone Caster Angle-F/R=8°/3° Camber Angle-F/R=1.5°/1.5° Toe Angle-F/R=Variable/1.5° Damper= F/R Super Low Friction Dampers Transmission Type=Belt Driven 4WD Gear Ratio=7.34:1 Differential=F/R One Way/Ball Differential Recommended Speed Controller: Electronic Speed Controller Tire Width/Diameter=27/65mm Tread Pattern=Front and rear Reinforced Racing Slicks Type A Tire Material=Synthetic Rubber
Electronics: 3ch Airtronics 75MhZ FM Receiver, M8 Radio, Airtronics High Speed Servo, LRP Indy 600 ESC, Trinity D3 Triple 11T Motor

TA03R- TRF Under Side Front View

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