Model: (Click to see more) 58001: Porsche 934 Turbo RSR
Status: New built
Date: 10-Dec-2004
Comments: 5
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now i have again a number one. but this time i wont sell it, or ? i also found an original decal sheet. great, now shoudl i paint it ? just 2 rear lights are missing, but i have them from an other PORSCHE 934 as a spare part. Never thought i would find one inthat perfect shape. now i have 3 of the number ONE Porsche. beneath the J√ĄGERMEISTER, now this VAILLANT and my personal favorite from my dear friend 'toymkr73' MATT the special GITANES edition PORSCHE, which you can see at my showroom either. give me a hint which green i should take. cause it wasn't a 'normal' green, or ? should i mix up some different colors ? but it should get the orange front spoiler beneath the cooler - WOW, so less time, so many interests.




VERY VERY VERY NICE!!!!!! Definately go for the orange, just like the box. Take a look at Shodogs restoration. it looks soooo cool!



Very nice marcus!! Dont forget the orange on the front airdam!!



A lovely 934 but I say paint it - these cars look great with their markings on - if you dont can I have the decals ?



Hai,I saw your 934 on the bay, what happend to it???
Is it broken or lost??? Man, I was waiting to, that's horrible!



This is an awesome addition to your collection. Have you finished it yet. I am getting ready to paint my new build.

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