Model: (Click to see more) 58116: Dyna Storm
Status: Runner
Date: 17-Dec-2004
Comments: 3
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Picked this up cheap on ebay. Pretty good nick, it has a cracked front right upright but is holding together pretty well. Added a new 17T motor and now it seriously goes like the clappers and handles beautifully. Shame about the body though....does anyone know what it has come from? I have a NIB bodyset coming to me soon.
Just added a new bodyset and wheel tyre combo. I was a bit inspired by the old Jag F1 team with the colour scheme. Looks good I think.........




what do you mean...?? that is a dyna storm body.....



I know it looks like one but its me.



dunno about the body..could it be a mardave cobra or cougar?
nice find tho

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