Model: (Click to see more) 99999: Misc.
Status: Extra info
Date: 17-Dec-2004
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Some cool pictures in relation to a topic in the forums. Wish Tamiya would develop some off-road prototypes again.

411X left: 211X, right: 411X think it's a 411X 211X


Dirt Racer


Refering to the 4WD Belt (Good reference pics) I can remember racing against those (With me Lazer-ZXR). Those tamiya were in the capable hands of Ellis stafford, Jamie Booth, Alan Harman etc they had a hard time with the transmission, they found it hard to get some real pace out of the car. They even raced it at the Reedy Basildon track used for worlds warm up) They didnt look all that impressive. They had a more potent car & team when they were running the Top Force Evo. Their 2wd werent all too bad, made more of an impact as a regional car than it did at nationals. I do wish some more companies go back to belt drives...

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