Model: (Click to see more) 56305: Mercedes Benz 1838LS
Status: Restored
Date: 18-Dec-2004
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Finished (at last!)

Many hours later paint & rebuilding further up the road the

Classic style Mercedes is ready for display.

Paint for the body, high gloss rally white, the grey area’s are as close

As I could get to the real mercedes-plastic-grey.

This is normal grey paint with a matt varnish used

The wheels are hand painted, quite a trick to get it to look decent enough.

More details have been painted gunship gray, to “break” the white & grey mass a bit

Diesel tank and air tanks are brush chrome painted to get a dirty-alloy look.

Also drawn a couple of custom decals, like the Dutch licence plates

The rear mud flap and V8 logo’s.

As only “custom job” on the body left away the cabin spoilers and used a 1850L roof spoiler.

As the target was to make the rig as ‘basic” as possible.

Financially seen this project was the disaster of the century, but.. another rig saved from

Being parted out.

Were not so many parts good for reusing anyway!

The restoration story =>

What do you get when you put a monkey together with a 1/14 truck kit.


Ow, and don't forget, one with a nasty taste of colours to :)

A well, got it fairly cheap so a quick run to walawala already sorted out the new bits.

Does going to need a full rebuild.

Is was fitted with a full light set, but going to check that one first before i even try it! Ever saw a monkey with electric wires?

Well, i haven't so dont trust it for a bit :)
After giving it some serious thougt, this one will properly converted to a work horse/day driver. So will maybe losing the aerodynamics’ and get some equipment fitted on.

Update 1: At the moment, fully in parts, the body was even more a mess then i thought it was, so now i going to have to think about a other body. The electrics, need a full re-solder job.
And don't forget that the monkey put a heck-saw into the main chassis beams at some point..
Needs also replacement.. <cry>

A well, can't be always lucky... :(

Update 2: A lot of new parts have arrived, work in progress!

Update 3: What a mess *again!*

At this point rebuilding the drive drain fully.

So many errors it has to be done, missing bearings (at all!),

missing E clips and so much grease&dirt in the axel the thing barely turns.

The gearbox, not a lot different actually,

Sprockets fitted the wrong way around , casing fully packed with grease

And, do not forget 2 broken bearings inside.

- Rebuild rear axel

- Rebuild gearbox

Update 4:

At last, it seems that i have gathered all the parts to do a full rebuild on this wreck

New gearbox parts from Rainbow ten

Chassis beams from Gareth ( UK )

Numerous plastic bits from Walawala

What a incredible money pit this rig is!

Update 5:

Fully rebuild chassis now, did some small painting jobs ,

Jep, it is getting there.

Still some small jobs to to and one big one, painting the body

- stay tuned - FINISHED

how it was.. looked even better then it was




That turned out great. with a little bit of scale brake dust and dirt, it would be hard to tell it from a real one.

Tamiya King


That is just beautiful work of art there! Great Job!



Nice resto, was certainly worth the time and money, the truck looks great!



Looks vey real Stefan!! nice job!


WOW! NICE! Top work Stefan, the scale realism is really shining through! I love the 2nd and 3rd pictures, VERY realistic in my opinion. Lookin' goooood! Love the painted wheels too, looks fantastic. Cheers, Alistair G.

Brat Attacks


Great work and fantatsic close ups too.

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