Model: (Click to see more) 99989: Schumacher
Status: Restored
Date: 18-Dec-2004
Comments: 2
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Here's a story for you all.....
I originally raced CAT2000's 1993-96, and in 1995 I managed to win the Scottish Championship (on road).
After winning the championship I retired from racing for a while. I then sold most of my race stuff, including the CAT and all the touring car stuff. Fast Forward to 2004 and the bodyshell and touring car conversion kit comes back up for sale from the same guy I sold it too !! I ask about it and he says he hasn't ever even used the body since getting it ! so I made an offer for it and did the deal...
Had to wait a little while as it first went to relatives in Scotland who then sent it on to me, but it was worth the wait !!! EXACTLY as I had painted and stickered it, race used only by me, superb !!
so, now the hunt was on to find a chassis to mount it all on again.
Volksrod to the resue !!
Thank you Joe, I still owe you.
I had kept some of the other parts, wheels and tyres etc, so here it is, a trip back to 1995, compete with the number the car carried at the final event of that season which I managed to TQ and win.
Better than Tamiya??? maybe, maybe not, but superb to bring those memories back to life !!

Peugeot 406 my best paint job ever? perhaps



I love this story....if I could find my first Hornet ...I would be just as happy as you are.
Hang on to this one for ever!
It looks great for being raced..guess you didn't hit the boards too often...hehehe

Good for you buddy!..great addition to the collection.




Matey, any chance of pictures of the chassis? Just got a couple of Cat2000s, one standard and one apparently EC, and there seems to be towers and parts that match up with the Fibre-Lyte touring car rear tower/body mounts... in lovely gooey carbon fibre... I could really use some more info!

Thanks boyo

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