Model: (Click to see more) 58211: Rover Mini Cooper Racing
Status: New built
Date: 26-Dec-2004
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Car: Rover Mini Cooper Racing. Bought from a local hobby store. An impulse buy really, as I only went in for some bodyshell scissors. Saw it on the shelf and decided to treat myself. This is such an versatile little car. Looks great on the shelf witha monte bodyshell on, can be rallied in a black Kamtec shell and Race at a local club withoriginal metallic blue shell, to match the alloy hop-ups!!

Receiver: Futaba FP-R102JE 27MHz AM
Servo: Futaba FP-S148
Speed controller: LRP A1 Runner
Motor: RS540
Hop Ups:Blue Alloy motor heatsink, Blue Alloy gearbox heatsink, Blue Alloy hubs F+R, Blue Alloy Knuckles, Blue Aloy shocks, Carbon Fibre shock stay F+R
Requires: ----------

Shelf Body Hop Ups Ready to Rally Ready to Race Ready to Race

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