Model: (Click to see more) 56312: Volvo FH12 Globetrotter 420
Status: New built
Date: 16-Jan-2005
Comments: 4
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Quite proudly presenting for you judgement,

-= Dutch Blue =-

To be clear, tracktor & trailer are both custom, and not made by tamiya in there current form.

In basic, it is a pile of truck chunks, all connected with custom made parts.

Months of work put into this ride, so far the most extensive conversion i have done
On a a 1/14 rig.

In basic, it’s a free copy of a flower-runner we have here in the Netherlands,

If you live in the UK, Germany and the more southern European county’s.
Like Italy or Spain you probably have seen them before.

They are fast (they have a other definition of speed-limiters it seems ;) ) , streamlined and full option.

Flowers seems like a good business!

After seeing Ant88 build his LAN rig, it really got me thinking how to make it.

(url to his rig)

He set the standard, I just had to follow :)

Why invent the wheel 2x, so persuaded him to sell me one of his CNC’ed custom trailer plates

A nice piece of metal work (ehhmm.. alloy that is) i must say!

A direct bolt-on for the pole trailer basis that had to be sacrificed for the build.

That is not all that had to be bought , actually, 4 kits are parted out & used for this project

2x Mercedes 1850L

1x Pole trailer

1x Volvo FH12 (cab set)

Considering not being such a mercedes junky, the idea of using a FH12 cab was born,

Gave more trouble then you think it would! (if i have any other plans, please, kick me)

Adapted, front mounting plates, cab mount rear, air filter and some other small bits.
ust to make it fit & line up with the box on the back.

Not wanted to make a exact copy of ant’s rig, the side skirt plan kicked in.

And, becoming a first attempt to actually make something useful with the metal-work machines.

Recently bought, to be honest, many more skirts were made before the one’s you see mounted.

Again.. Was still learning how to actually use the machine (cutter & bender & roller).

Then a new problem turned up, weight!

Alloy does not put much on the scale,

but all those big bits and small brackets (loads and loads of them) made this quite a heavy little ride

So , decided to go for the power of a Truckpuller 12V motor,

and in the process start making all the lights 12V capable.

Many hours where spend soldering all those resistors & whirring everything up.

Paintjob, wanted to go a bit 'dutch' with the colours, so picked light-metallic-blue,

For the base colour, red & white for striping & decal details

The shield on the side of the cab is the shield of the town i live in. ( Sluiskil )

That’s about it :) , probably end op changing & adding some more details, but so far,

Found it ready enough for displaying

Specs in short:

Hours spend on build & design, Don’t want to know, .... a load :)

Font wagon, Modified Volvo FH12 cab on modified mercedes 1850L chassis

Trailer, Modified Pole trailer with Ant88’s custom chassis plate

Paint, mildly colour changing blue metallic (automotive)

Engine, Truckpuller II 12V

Juice , 12V 7ah lead-gel battery

Esc, Rocraft 120

Goody’s :

German made wide-warning lights (look close on pictures)

Side skirts (alloy)

Motor cooling mount with fan from 3racing (alloy)

Two Wedico air horns (chromed metal)

Exhaust pipe (alloy)

Top light bar (copper) with 4 conrad top-lights, glass blue’ed and custom Hella decals

Limited edition alloy rims from stellamodels

Custom made decals

Tire decals are from a 1/10 Ferrari Group C car

1:1 car striping

Home made side lights (LED's)


Front, high power white LED’s

Rear (both) , normal 5mm LED’s all functional

Sides LED 3mm low current

Wide warning lights, Glowbulbs (due size) 3V

(note, front and rear LED's temporarily removed due short circuit, now rebuilding/soldering)

Hope you like it & was worth the efford

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Amazing what a bit of cleaning does!!



Are you sure it wasn't you tailgating my landy on the M25 the other day? Looks so real I can hear the airbrakes! Great work! Well done!

Revo Racer


Just like dinodog said, it looks real. This thing is awesome!



I keep revisiting this fabulous Volvo, may well be the inspiration for yet another project.

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