Model: (Click to see more) 99989: Schumacher
Status: Runner
Date: 18-Jan-2005
Comments: 1
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My first Schumacher, now i want more! Got this in a trade for my Top Force. Great car. I like the features on it, like the front arms that fold back in a crash, variable length drive shafts and the belt drive makes a great noise. I also really like the turnbuckles, as the have a hole you can put a small alan key through to adjust, i find it alot easier that ones that need a spanner.
I have a NIB spare body and wing and some spares. Thanks to Incredible Serious for the wing mounting parts.
Running 3300 match Team Orion cells and my trusty LRP ICS esc, which i have short-circuited and drowned twice. Just dried it off and it jumps back into life. Love it.

3300mah Team Orion match cells I added Schumacher asymetrical rear tires. From Bosscat to lazy cat in a draw :)




Hey matey, I'll check my rear wing mounts, should have a set for you if you need

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