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Date: 19-Jan-2005
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While I was in Tokyo 1/13~1/18 for the Tokyo Auto Salon, I had to make a few stops at the nearby hobby shops- Super R/C, Champ, Rakusei and Futaba-Sangyo, all located in the Akihabara ('Electric Town') district of Tokyo.

Needless to say, I was impressed by all the shops- great parts selection, competitive prices (almost giveaway prices by U.S. standards!) and great service throughout. All are great shops- I'd say Super R/C and Rakusei are nicely organized, though Rakusei is priced just a bit higher. Futaba-Sangyo had some older kits, like the Lancia rally I picked up. They also had a few hard to find bits that I needed. Champ had kits parted out, so I found a few HTF parts like Hornet wheels, tires, bodysets and driver figures. Overall the shops are compareable, but they're all within walking distance to each other so visit them all! I love Japan, anyone who travels to Tokyo should definitely stop by and take a look...just make sure to plan ahead and carry an extra piece of luggage with you- you'll need it! Thanks to the Tokyo-based members of this board who gave me a lot of info about these shops! If any of you other members plan on visiting Tokyo and would like some info, feel free to drop me an email and I can provide whatever info you might need.

1 Tamiya parts selection at Rakusei Wish we had a store in the States like this! tasty! Rakusei Champ R/C




Good Golly look at all the Tamiya stuff.....I would go broke in that store....Nice Pics!!!!

addict again


i would be worse than a kid in a candy store.... And i thought one of my lhs had a good selection of kits...was i wrong!!

Rothmans Racing Team


Go broke, hell, I'd move in! Thanks for sharing the pics. *drool drool*



It must be like a dream being there!



Never seen a shop with so many Tamiya parts...I know my credit card would have to take a severe hit if I would go inthere!!



It would be great if the discounts in these stores were so high compared to european and us standards that you could virtually go for free to Japan. Oh, yes, I would travel these extra miles then

The Dude


Do you know if they allow mail order or have contact details (web, phone etc and do they peak english) At least that way I would not have to hire my own Jumb 747 to take all of the stuff back to the UK.



Russell Mills



Dude, Champ R/C sells mail order and ships worldwide. Here is their link:
[Click here]
If you need to call and need an english speaker as for Masa (in the Akihabara store) and tell him Jun from Hot Wheels sent you!



Incredible! is R/C paradise.... Thank you for sharing your pictures.



The middle one looks like my local shop, Super Radicon here in Osaka. I go broke every week...



Thats it! Im leaving for Japan!!! Just think about it...You can break something without having to wait a week for the part to arrive.


do people in these stores speak english, how can I get a phone number to the stores like champs to find out availiblity. My cousin is going over there and will bring back some parts for me but i don't want it to be a waited trip for him. Thanks

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