Model: (Click to see more) 58113: Schnitzer BMW M3 Sport
Status: Runner
Date: 3-Oct-2002
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This was a BMW M3 Sport TA01 but I converted it to a TA02 due to the lack of aftermarket for the TA01. The body is an ABC hobby ACCORD WAGON No.66021. The chassis has been upgraded to a Tamiya carbon fiber chassis, a carbon 4wd shaft, Tamiya aluminum shocks, front and rear adujstable upper links, aluminum motor heat sink, front and rear carbon fiber shock towers, a rear shock tower bar, front and rear stabilizer bars, and torque bars in rear, aluminum front and rear A-Arms, front and rear aluminum hub carriers, and an aluminum sealed one-way differential in the front. It is powered by a Trinity D4 motor with timing adjusted up for max amps. It has Novak Atom ESC.

Accord Wagon 1 Accord Wagon 2 Accord Wagon Chassis Accord Wagon Rear Suspension RC Accord Wagon on fullsize Accord Wagon

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