Model: (Click to see more) 58218: Toyota Corolla WRC
Status: New built
Date: 23-Jan-2005
Comments: 7
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This is a TA03FS chassis. I know there are a lot of folks that don't care for this chassis, and after driving it, I can understand why. It is a handful until you get used to it, but then that front weight can be a blast in corners. It pretty much wants to dive through so you need to keep the speed up and not over steer it. It is an outdated design, but I wanted it to complete the TA series of cars. I have hopped up everyone of them and enjoyed doing it. I like hop-up parts. I like the way they look, finding them, and the touch of realism that metal gives over plastic. It is only my personal preference. I don't think they make it go any faster, I just like them. This has a FRP chassis set, which is what started this project. I then bought a roller chassis and used basically the gear boxes. I really like the Corolla WRC body, so I used it. It has alloy fron and rear uprights, front upright supports, front and rear arms, battery supports, servo mounts, steering set, TRF adjustable shocks with the alloy caps and screws, titanium swing arm pins, alloy screws and torsion bars. I am running a Traxxas 3 channel radio in this because it was 20 bucks and works great. The speed control is a LRP Formula 10 that came with the radio. The real bear of this was the stickers. There are more than a hundred different stickers and a lot of pairs so it is going to take a few nights of very careful work as the compound curves can be a bit tricky. I painted it pearl white which shows up better in person, but really looks good in the light. Was it worth the time and money? To me it was and I am the only one I have to please. Got a bunch more coming including Wendy's WW2. Stay tuned!




that looks to the road its on too.......great work



I agree. Great looking car and superb photography too!!



I could see that you like 'value added' cars...That car is unique and looks GORGEOUS



Very nice indeed!



Great job Bradd, top shelf car!!!!!!!!!!!!



A nice one for sure. Great work on the body. It looks great with the hop-up parts. The license plate says, K-AM-307, so the car is from Cologne. K=Köln=Cologne (in case you did not know)



Must agree, great job on the car and the photos!

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