Model: (Click to see more) 58050: Wild One
Status: Extra info
Date: 24-Jan-2005
Comments: 5
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just won this on ebay from mr freeze! :) :) :)
one restoration comin up !! then I am going to play with it lots :) :)
UPDATE! 2 million squid later and midnight oil in gallons! its finished,this is now my favorite buggy in my collection.its a really nice design,a very satisfiying resto.and it looks superb the, pics do these buggys no justice.about 50% of this buggy is new,the original bits are some of the press parts,gearbox, WILLY :) bumper,front swing pin set and trailing arms the rest was nip.think ill build a FAV with the leftovers for a runner/basher as I dare not run this now lol (you were right chris) Although I am not know for my self control when its comes to nice looking buggys ;)

my favorite buggy!!! twin aerials need flags big resto lots of cash :( make it nice:) strip it!! strip it aalll !!!! getting there new paint and shell I keep my willy in it :) he came with the car




hope ya like it



looks a great starting point. I'd be tempted to not over restore it - they make great scale runners



Looks cute with Willy(?) sitting in it



gonna restore it 100% then run it too as I enjoy doing both and have absolutly no self control when sat looking good on my shelf!!



that looks a lot better than when i sold you it..glad you kept the willy head give it a nice look

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