Model: (Click to see more) 58035: Wild Willy Willys M38
Status: Restored
Date: 25-Jan-2005
Comments: 9
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Wanting to push the envelop on my Wild Willys a bit further, and after seeing some exellent paintjobs on some of the other WWs here on TC - I remebered an article Jim/Shodog linked to in the forums about World War miniature model painters (Missing Lynx Forum). I thought to myself, what can I do to improve my Wild Willys? I like doing all the resto work and painting myself - but I simply don't have the tools or know how (yet) to do what I saw those model painters where doin'.

So I started scaning the www and found some sites and went thruogh tons of forums and articles. I found a site with some models that had been painted really well and I posted a new thread on that forum asking for some advise. I was looking for someone that was willing to paint one of my latest restore projects (Wild Willy M38 SWB ) and taking the paint job here on TC even up a notch.

A few days after my post I got a couple of replies, the first one from this super nice guy that said he was willing to take upon the job. He also sent along some pics of some of his work. I was blown away when I saw the stuff he had done, and that wasn't 1/10 scale stuff like most of us are used to either! He has developed and perfected som techniques and made some really nice winter camo World War 2 tanks, motorcycles and dioramas.

I kinda wanted a camo theme for the Wild Willy, when the the winter theme was suggested - which we ended up with - and I am more than pleased!

More pictures of details can be found as extra info in my showroom.

Enjoy this baby - I know I will :)

models specs___________________________

Wild Willy M38 :: first edition short wheel base

Mods :: Filled in gas tank




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That is a work of art, gorgeous! Paint is stunning.


wow... thats awsome.. i don't know why i have never thought of it. thanks to this pic i have some projects in the future...great job



FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!! Wow Simen!!!! Really a work of art, from the rust to the dirty windshield... all eye candy, a perfect addition to your collection Hats off to you and Mr. Edet



Really Cool Simen ! Fantastisk kontakt du har f├ątt med lakkereren.
You're the boss!



Simply the best one I have ever seen! Im getting one.Rhodo.



This got to be the best paint job ever!!! The fluid leek, the rust, the frost I can go on and on...



That is one hell of paint job!! Looks fantastic mate!!

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