Model: (Click to see more) 58211: Rover Mini Cooper Racing
Status: Project
Date: 28-Jan-2005
Comments: 22
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TA02SN (Short and Narrow), a mixture of new Tamiya bits (TA02 and M03) and homemade bits from aluminium sheet. No expensive specialist carbon/Alloy bits!

Got the idea from the fact that a Manta Ray ball diff set fits both TA02 and M03. The chassis consists of TA02 gearboxes mated to M03 suspension/drivetrain components with an extra set of axles and driveshafts added at the rear, this give a track of about 160mm and a wheel base of about 210mm. The chassis consists of homemade sheet aluminium plates (modelled on TA02 FRP chassis plates), upper suspension/shock mounts, body post mounts (using stock TA02 body posts to M03 layout) and a battery holder made from M03 retainers mounted on another plate. The propshaft uses Carson Joints and a shaft that was turned by a good friend. I have added a selection of TA02 and M03 hop-ups; one way front diff, rear ball diff, rear anti-roll bar, speed tuned gears, carbon gear shafts, steering arms from FRP chassis (with ball bearings on modified TA04 steering posts), a full set of ball bearings, adjustable upper suspension arms, toe in rear hubs, stainless steel suspension shafts, lightweight king pins. Radio gear and ESC is now installed on top deck. The shell is a Tamiya finished one, I don't like the windows but I have nowhere to spray at the moment.

I don’t know if it will handle any better than a FWD M03 but it should have decent speed (stock motor can certainly be improved on) and traction (I have another set of runner wheels with slick tyres).

4WD chassis inside the mini cooper racing body TA02 gearboxes with M03 suspension / drivetrain FRP kit arms. Chopped TA04 posts with bearings Radio gear and electrics just fit on the decks CVAs+anti roll bar+adj. upper arms+ball diff 1 Wheelbase of 210mm + track of 160mm = M03 size 1 Main Chassis Versus TA FRP 1 With Tamiya Finished Body Body and Chassis are a nice fit. A mate turned this great prop shaft. Ta Andy.

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Ooooooooooooh, that is cool! Love it! I love the kit bashing, I'm going to be doing some of that soon for my Brat body.



Nice job, a good looking piece of design. I bet it goes as well as it looks...!



Wow, nice custom work!



COOL, sure it will be much more funny and fast to drive. you ve done a clean job, it seems to be out of box.



Very, very clever.... now this is what I dig!!!! Creativity!!! Top shelf, makes me want to fab one up myself as I have parts to do this ...hmmmmmm. can I steal all your good ideas?



You have done an amazing job i once thought of making a longer chassis to put a parma chevy shell on, this must be the best handling mini made amazing what you can do with ta01 and ta02 parts.



Great concept superbly executed - it's as if Tamiya made a rival to the RS4 Mini. Top job



Interesting approach!


Very nice. I have an old TA02sw porche but i needs a new chassis do you any ideas? It looks like u made your own on your car.


Cheers Alex. TA02SW Porsche uses a standard size TA02 (standard part number 50637 or fibreglass hop-up 53166 ) chassis tub, you can get hold of them fairly easily. The porsche is shorter because it uses TA01 rear arms.






Very nice car, but surely it should have a 6R4 bodyshell? 8-)


I think this is the coolest mini I've ever seen. I have a completely hopped up M03 short based mini. Could you please tell me what I would need to build one like this. Thank you in advance for any help you could give. Hung



Wow this a well turned out monkey! Looks like a real flyer! Great job well done!


Hey, great job!! You should sell the idea to Tamiya!!


I like it but parts?? Impposible


hi there m8 what sizes are the metal plates i want to make some for my mini gr8 job


Nice! Do you have more pictures. thanks


wow, this is sweet


Great looking project. I think i will try something like this with my M03 Mini.



you should start sellin a conversion kit seriousley that is fckn sterling



Fantastic job !

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