Model: (Click to see more) 43508: TNX - Tamiya Nitro X
Status: Extra info
Date: 3-Feb-2005
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This is my first and only nitro vehicle as well as my only true off road truck. I had been looking at getting one since the TNX came out, but couldn't justify spending $400 on something that would be nothing more than a toy for the weekends. I shopped around a lot trying to find the cheapest one. I was looking for a used truck figuring I could get it for a bit less money. After about a month, I stumbled upon a guy on ebay with a brand new TNX. Turns out he got it for his birthday but already had an HPI Savage so had no use for this. I managed to buy it for $300, and again, had never been out of the box even! I was thrilled when I got it. I think the kids in my neighborhood liked it even more than me (though it could run half of them over and not slow down!). This truck is just amazingly fast, and handles pretty well for such a massive truck. I can't wait to get some serious off road racing in with it one day.

A little rock climbing Just gotta hold the brake to keep it up It climbed the rock by itself!!!!




I want one of these myself i found some nice alloy parts and engine conversions here [Click here]



Enjoy this great car and welcome to the TNX club!



The TNX is cool,most fun I have had in ages.
Dont regret buying mine for one second,well not at the moment anyway!

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