Model: (Click to see more) 58242: Wild Willy 2
Status: New built
Date: 5-Feb-2005
Comments: 12
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This is or was, a stock WW2. I really don't care for this model, and would have never built it if it had not been for the simply exquisite figure created and painted by our own toymaker, Matt Hicks. She is the nicest piece of model work from raw materials I have ever seen. A work of art in every sense of the word. While looking around, I noticed that Hop-up parts for a touring car will fit this chassis, so it has been bearinged, including the already assembled gear box, new suspension arms, real shocks, Sport Tuned motor, electronic speed control and slightly non-stock paint. It is Testors candy apple red with Testors clear over. It is HER jeep and that is the way she wanted it. I arranged with Matt to get her in November and went right out and bought the WW2. I started it last Friday and it was finished on Tuesday, mainly because of the paint drying and wetsanding inbetween coats. I thank Matt again for the wonderful job he did, and consider myself very lucky to have one!


0[[[0 Willys


Realy nice Girl is driving that Willys... I think GirlĀ“s like jeeps ! more Jeeps you can see unter [Click here] (A 1:1 Wild Willys, the green one)



Looks great!! The candy red is stunning It really makes the blonde Wendy stand out nicely.. it is great to see one of my figures in such a nice ride



awesome! just ... awesome!


Wow looks great Brad she realy fits well in that willy and very nice to see another person go a differnt way with the paint job..Top job!!



What a sweet cherry willy and driver too!



Great job Bradd!!! Looks fantastic, nice paint job!



Wendy's definitely a bit more refined and of better breeding than our Barbie... But is she as much fun on a Friday night..?



Probably, they dont call her 'Wild Wendy' for nothing! Of course, no shopping bag and not quite as nice a paint color!

Brat Attacks


Steady. I'm nursing barbie today. She went out with the girls last night and drunk a stag party under the table. Lets see Wendy do that!!!!


Hey I know her sister. here she is : [Click here]



Yep, thats her! You have to admit these girls like RED! And they have Bigger talent's than Barbie, as Benny used to say. She didn't do a stag party but a rugby team was mentioned.


SWWWWWWEEEEEET! Nic car, nice color and what a babe! You go girl!

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