Model: (Click to see more) 58004: XR311
Status: Other
Date: 7-Feb-2005
Comments: 3
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This is my re-release XR311. I was always curious of this car. So now I have one and love it. I liked it so much I bought one to keep in the box. I'm very happy with the paint job and details. I built this along with my new Wild Willy 2 and it took me about a week and half to complete both. I will agree though that this model is really not for running. I could have ran it when I was young but not now. I did drive it in my basement though with the low gear setting. It was fast. I hate to see how fast it would be with the other gear ratios. I painted it with my Tamiya airbrush system and used Olive Drab XF-62. The color pretty much looks like the old pic's from the Tamiya books. I really didn't like the Olive Drab 2 in the can. I tested it on a scap piece. I also left the driver loose and the steering wheel and the two seats so they could be removed. The windshield was double side taped to the roof top and also left loose at the points where it is inserted. And the last thing I did was double side taped the bottom of the body to the top part instead of gluing it. Gas cans are double side taped on too. I have one question. Why did Tamiya remove the GoodYear from the tires. My re-release Tyrell P-34 that I will be building still shows Goodyear on the tires? Well I hope you all like it.

How does the driver look. Gotta love these's.




Very nice painting. I am about to paint mine to the correct colours. Mine is the original, and I plan to drive it around the house. I'll let you know how fast it can go ...



Really nice job there!!! I allways liked the looks of this model. I finally got one a couple of days ago, and i´m really looking forward to building it.



thanks guys. Glad you like it.

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