Model: (Click to see more) 58067: Thundershot
Status: Runner
Date: 14-Feb-2005
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Well at long last I can say I have finished this truck and I'm moving onto the next one now. The truck now runs with this heavy plastic shell for display/mud bogging/bashing and it runs a lightweight lexan shell for crawling.

Final enhancements to the original design are as follows:

1) Rotated motor/reduction unit so that motor is at front of vehicle for better climbing ability.

2) Wheelbase stretched again to 13.5'

3) Wider offset wheels handmade from gluing the drive portion of a thundershot wheel into a 2.2' truck wheel.

4) Adding more lead weights into wheels and around lower axles.

5) Chopping front and rear chassis off completely to reduce weight up top and allow fitting shorter shell. Also improves approach and departure angles.

6) Moved battery saddle packs further forward on chassis to aid climbing ability. These are tie-wrapped to chassis and get charged in place for most use. I get approx 40mins runtime from these Sanyo 2000 NiCD's.

This vehicle has been used almost daily for 6 months now. It has proven to be quite capable and very reliable. I have only suffered broken traxxas slider shafts due to extreme angles which has since been remedied with longer wheelbase. Only negative is the high CoG on this vehicle. Side slope ability is just 37 degrees with the normal offset wheels (the HPI MT Mesh chromes) and 45 degrees with my own custom offset wheels (the black ones in the pics). It was built to prove that decent crawling ability can be had without spending loads of money and I think this vehicle proves the point nicely, total cost to build was  £127.

Vehicle spec is now:

13.5' Wheelbase

11' wide (standard offset MT wheels), 13' wide (custom wheels),11' high

18' overall length

Novak Super Rooster ESC

RS550 motor with torque ring

Graupner 3:1 reduction unit

65:1 overall reduction

2.2' IMEX Swamp Dawgs or 2.2' IMEX G-Hawg tyres

18Kg 1/4 scale steering servo.

Total weight fully loaded 3.2Kg

2' under diff clearance

4' under chassis clearance

90 degree departure angle/85 degree approach angle

42 degree ramp breakover angles

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congrats on finishing it mate - looks very capable, look forward to seeing it at Clumber. Whats next or is it secret lol



Next projects are a 6x6 wrecker truck with working winch/lifting equipment for my daughter and 4x4x4 with motorised axles, super low CoG for extreme crawling. Both will be built using thundershot parts again cos' I still have stacks of parts in stock



nice! how much do thundershots cost?



Brilliant! Congratulations on a truly inspirational project, the creativity, engineering and build quality are superb and all of this on a sensible budget. Can't wait for the next one.



Depends on condition but if you are lucky you can get a decent one on ebay for £25-35. I have tons of parts for them (sorry not selling any as I need them) so I don't have to buy whole cars. I used two front gearboxes as the axles in this truck plus a rear gearbox as the central transfer case. All the build details are listed in my showroom as Project thunderfoot Parts 1-10.



Ian, it looks great finished!!! amazing engineering!



Cheers Guys but I'd also like to thank TWINSET again for his help in sourcing the traxxas sliding propshafts which started the project off



Yeah, I'm great me

Looking kinda tasty fella



Excellent stuff. Just goes to show what enthusiasm, ingenuity, skill and some thundershot parts can do. A fine effort Ian, well done...!

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