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Date: 15-Feb-2005
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A few people have asked this, so here's a quick guide with pics on how to wire up an ESC for use with a twin motor truck such as the Twin Detonator or Wild Dagger.

It's quite an easy job; all you need to do is to splice 2 wires out of each of the motor wires on the ESC. Make sure you cover the joins with some heatshrink tubing!
Once you've done the connections, feed the wires through the chassis so they can reach the wires coming from the motors. Then you need to connect the motors to the wires, making sure the FRONT motor is connected in reverse (ie if you use the Tamiya wires from the MSC, the green wire plugs into the yellow, and the yellow into the green). On the REAR motor, the wires plug in as you would expect (Yellow to yellow, green to green).

You may want to adapt this; in my Twin Detonator I have the same setup, but no bullet connectors, and the wires go straight to the motors. They are also fed within the chassis like the Twin Det manual, this looks neat, but the wires do tend to get muddy and it would be more difficult to see if there is a problem, but it looks neater. Also, if you are hardwiring, you might want to splice a red wire onto the black for the front motor, to make it easier to remember which wire should be soldered which side.

I recommend that after you've done this, you run the car slowly on blocks to make sure you've got both motors spinning the wheels in the same direction, otherwise your truck ain't gonna go far ;-)

For more info on how to work out if your speedo can handle twin motors, see the Novak page which explains it all nicely.

Splice 2 connections to each wire from the speedo Front motor connections (note-reverse the wires) Rear motor connections (note-like colours joined)




just make sure the speedo can handle 2 motors in this parallel wiring, remember whatever your speedo lowest motor rating is, you must divide that in half for your motor limit with 2 motors, ie. speedo that can handle 8T, it can accept (2) 16T wired in parallel. no less! or youll smoke it. Also another note, if you want more torque, i recommend replacing them 540 motors with some 550, i can pop a wheelie off the line and raise the back end up in the air, when i stab the brakes.



Good advice Tamiyabuilder4life, I have added the link to the Novak page to the description now, that gives plenty of info on the motors a speedo can cope with. I'd not heard of the 550 motors until I saw them recently, might give them a try for the dagger as the Mag Mayhems are a bit pricey!



Hi there, i have standard tamiya ESC's will they run 2 standard 540's if wired like this? cheers CC



I doubt it The Tamiya ESC is just about man enough for handling a single motor, so I think it would fry if you tried it with 2.

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