Model: (Click to see more) 56001: M4 Sherman 105mm Howitzer (1/16)
Status: Runner
Date: 17-Feb-2005
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M4 Sherman, 105mm Howitzer.

This is kit number RT1601, even pre-porsche 934

Metal tracks, heavy as it have been made fully of metal.. Oeps... It is ! :)

Well, not the top of the body.. But the rest, full metal jacket baby

Got him with a trade with fellow dutch member, Patrick (Renken2000), a great guy to deal with.

This tank has still the evil axe of conversions above his turret hanging

As first option, thinking about doing a Hobart's funnies,

The Mine clearing 'Crab' is selected for this

Basicly a bigass rotating whip mounted on a drum on the front of the tank

Search google for 'sherman crab' , to see what i mean.

A 2e plan, if you have seen the movie 'Kelly's hero's' , would like to make a copy of 'oddball's' Sherman

Oddball: 'Hi man'

Big Joe: 'What you doin?'

Oddball: 'Drinking wine and Eating cheese and catching some rays you know'

Big Joe: 'What's happened?'

Oddball: 'Well the tank's broken and they're trying to fix'

Big Joe: 'Then Why the Hell aren't you up there helping them?!'

Oddball: 'I only ride 'em I don't what make's 'em work'

Option 1, the Crab Option 2, Kelly's Heroes




i hope he likes it there in your town,is it under the sealevel?great deal stefan



Think so, already met up with the others around here Without the sea wall, i would be on a raft right now!



Wow! you need a great big piece of drain pipe and some speakers and your off! Great film Kelly's Hero's!



WOW, that is a great idea. I wouldn't mind having a go at building a flail! hmm, need a Sherman first

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