Model: (Click to see more) 58110: Super Blackfoot
Status: Runner
Date: 24-Feb-2005
Comments: 2
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this is a super blackfoot built of all new parts. i used the king blackfoot dark grey chassis and red wheels fitted with pro-line's masher 2000 tires! (i thought the stock SBF wheels would be too much yellow.) i'm waiting for my oil filled cva's and novak esc to arrive from tower hobbies this week. as soon as they get here this will be promoted to runner! not a bad paint job considering i only had electrical tape available for masking!!LOL, i think it actually came out pretty darn good!

[UPDATE-MARCH 1, 2005]: well i've got this truck running now! the tamiya c.v.a.'s really improve handling over the stock friction shocks. i also swapped out the pro-line tires i had on there for some tamiya monster pin spikes. they seem to not contact the body as much. i'm running a novak XRS reversible esc with an older trinity midnight stock motor. pretty good set-up as i get good speed with longer run times than a modified motor. i also trimmed the front bumper on the lexan PARMA body a little more to match the blackfoot hard body a little better!

trimmed frt. bumper looks alot better! before.............waiting for shocks and esc these pro-lines tires just didn't look as good....




Cool truck! Those Moster Spike tires still look way cooler than anything on the market today. I am also liking the KBF wheels, but Suzuki decals on a Ford?



HaHa... It's Suzuki as in Suzuki Motorcycles, motocross bikes to be exact! Never really thought about the confusion regarding Suzuki Cars 'till now. LOL Funny thing is I drive a 1:1 Chevy Silverado and ride Kawasaki's and a Husqvarna in the dirt......
I just happened to have these stickers left over which are meant for a helmet and a can of yellow spray! I agree with you about the pin spikes, I must have spent a small fortune in 2.2' tires and I always end up back with these. I just wish the spikes would last a little longer. LOL. Thanks for the comment!

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