Model: (Click to see more) 99990: Event/Action Photos
Status: Extra info
Date: 24-Feb-2005
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Well we finally got abit of snow, So we got out Madcap and Top Force. My brother Strapped the front lights of the subaru, on to top force. Madcap worked well, even thou i have not got it off the shelf for a year! Strapped the battery in and off it went :)

Pair in the snow Snow build up Lights




Seems that it was still too warm and that the snow is still too sticky. Hope you get some decent frost soon for some nice snow drifts. All the best. tb.



nice! went out with the touareg in the snow, its first outing! what are those lights from by the way?



Hi The lights are custom made ones used on the subaru normally!

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