Model: (Click to see more) 56301: King Hauler
Status: New built
Date: 25-Feb-2005
Comments: 8
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IMPORTANT INSTUCTIONS ,To complete this showroom entery, please:

1) start up winamp or other media player

2) select 'convoy theme, by CW McCall'

3) if theme not there, Thunder Roll, by Garth Brooks will do

4) Read rest of the showroom entery

Bought it from stellamodels, one of the club sponsors

Build it to go with the tank trailer,

if you have seen the movie convoy

A 1978 must-view movie for the usa truck lovers

You know why i painted it BMW diamante black.

Ok, for a fact, the real truck is a Mack Western RS700L, but
It is 'based on' , ok? ;)

In my humble opinion, it really goes well with the chrome
parts of the truck, and the chrome from the tank trailer.

The truck is build with full ball bearings

Roof spoiler painted in body colour

The bullbar to get that 'convoy' look.

A full set of '5000' GPM limited edition alloys

For the truck and tank trailer.

These are polished high-shine alloys, and do the trick with the chrome from the truck :)

Why are you doing this, Duck?

Don't know 'bout the rest of them. Me, I'm running for my life myself.

My dad always said , act like a duck.

Stay smooth on the surface, but paddle like the devil underneath.

Pigpen this here's the Rubberduck an I'm about to put the Hammer Down! ...........10-4..........

If you liked those pictures, you should see these...
A high ^bling^ level (Modified) , number 1




Lovely! I'm about to paint my king hauler cab black as well for same reason. BTW You need a little rubber duck mounted atop that radiator grill and 'R D Trucking' on the doors!!

Maxxed Ross


now that is very very cool that colour. I'm not a great fan of the stick on spoiler and bull bars normally but they look really good on this truck. Nice job! Oh and I have a little glow in the dark duck that sits on the roof of my Aeromax

Brat Attacks


10-4 good buddy How about a Jaguar E-type run next to it. Just don't run it into a tank on a bridge. Fantastic film and great looking model.



Awesome rig mate and great movie too. Keep on truckin'!

Revo Racer


Awesome 18 wheeler. I love it!



I thought his name was Waldo Penwald



Nope, it is really Martin (i've double checked by now )



One cool looking truck!! I am about to do the same for the same reason (love the film). Th echrome of the tanker is a great contrast to the black truck with minilist decals it just makes it look so right. Just pray Dirty lyle dont see it you know what he thinks of truckers!!

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