Model: (Click to see more) 88887: Any Tamiya RC Model not listed.
Status: Project
Date: 10-Oct-2002
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- <u><i>OVERVIEW :</i></u>

The project initially started when I bought a trashed Bullhead on eBay, it was going pretty cheap and the bids were coming in fast. For some reason no-one had used the 'buy it now' option which I quickly took advantage of to win the auction for £60.

I always wanted a 4x4x4 truck but couldn't really justify the expendature of getting one brand new with other things going on at the moment. However when this auction turned up it was really too good to let slip by. I would have to totally strip it down, seek out replacements / refurbishment parts, re-paint and re-build the whole lot.

I was going to restore this truck back to the Bullhead spec. but soon found out that new shells were very hard to get hold of, the Clod Buster's body will fit but I don't care for its looks to be honest, plus a new Tamiya replacement is costly as you have to buy the shell, bumpers and decals.

After checking out some spares I decided to purchase an <a href="" target="_blank">Atomik</a> Ford F-350 shell intended for a Traxxas Maxx monster truck, this version looks great and wouldn't bust the bank. From then on i decided to make this project a custom job and make my own truck from the Bullhead / Clod Buster chassis.
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- <i><u>PROJECT :</u></i>

After a nut & bolt strip down and clean (including gearboxes) I managed to find out which replacement parts I needed for the project, some were missing, others were broken & damaged. The gearboxes were completely takend down and cleaned, liberally re-greased and assembled again.

Most of the parts I managed to get off of eBay at some great prices, the rest of the requirements I got from <a href="" target="_blank">Tower
Hobbies, USA</a>.

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Original Box Incomplete Bullhead as it came from the seller

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