Model: (Click to see more) 58006: Martini Porsche 936 Turbo
Status: Restored
Date: 17-Mar-2005
Comments: 6
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There is no catagory for this Tamiya model, but is very similar to 936, that is why it is in this part of my showroom.
I have had this new in box Porsche 908/3 body kit in my collection for some time now. Recently i came across a CS Chassis in very rough condition.
This was the ideal opportunity to restore the chassis and build a model of the 908/3 which is pretty rare. The chassis was stripped, all parts replated cleaned. Acoms radio was installed and a 6v Tamiya battery fitted. I wanted the wheels and tyres to go with the Porsche sponsor decals so i fitted some 935 rear tyres and wheels and 935 front tyres and F2 wheels. This showed the Dunlop markings to match the body kit.
The body kit was an adventure, firstly i sprayed the body white put on all the decals and then overcoated with clear. To my horror the next morning all the paint had crazed badly and looked awfull. After some time all the cracks in the paint were filled with 1000 fine filler and smoothed flat.
Then all the decals were carefully masked over and the whole painting process was repeated with new paint, all masking was removed and the body was clear coated again. After some worrying days all was OK. After two weeks the body was rubbed down and polished to a mirror finish and detailed.
The rear of the body has a massive gap where an engine should be, so with plasticard and some spares from an old 935 static kit the gap was filled with an engine which makes the model more realistic.
This was almost a disaster, but don't ever give up there is always a way to get out of trouble.
I am glad to have this rare car in my collection now.

1 Scrach Built Engine Compartment 1




Coooollll !!! Now I have to build mine



Unbelievable the way how you rescue it , would you like to do that to my 935 too?



What a perfect example again!



Really a fantastic job!! I would have given up when the clearcoat went south The engine looks great!



Very nice indeed, not seen one before!



Great car. Fantastic story about the problems of the build too. Cheers

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