Model: (Click to see more) 58186: PIAA Accord VTEC
Status: New built
Date: 21-Mar-2005
Comments: 4
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The Accord is one of my favourites. I had it unpainted on the shelf for long time because I couldn't decide on the right colour. But then, Tamiya brought the PS-47 which fits perfectly, I think. I'm very satisfied with the result. Shelfqueen. It has
Full Ball Bearings,
50473 High Torque Servo Safer,
50705 TA03 Knuckle Arm (black),
53056 Pin Type Wheel Adapter,
53098 4WD Stainless Steel Suspension Shaft Set,
53157 Aluminum King Pins,
53163 On-Road Tuned Spring Set,
53172 4WD-TA02/FWD Car Universal Shaft Set,
53177 FWD Aluminum Motor Heat Sink,
53191 Turnbuckle Tie-Rod Set,
53192 Turnbuckle Upper Arm Set,
TL-01 Rear Uprights for the right wheelbase and Homemade Hollow Carbon Gear Shafts.
Please let me know what you think....




Nice looking car and excellent photos. They make the car look real, lovely to see the posts trimmed right down and no antenna tube.



very nice Accord! - was this the PIAA or JACCS version?



Thanks It's a mix of a chassis from a NIB Mondeo , body from a JACCS BPS and PIAA Decals. The rear lights were darkened.



very clean and crisp looking car

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