Model: (Click to see more) 58248: Toyota Celica
Status: New built
Date: 21-Mar-2005
Comments: 3
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This Celica a very nice car. I think the colour was a good choice. On the pictures it doesn't come out that good, but I'm sure most of you know how the PS-16 looks like... ;) The Chassis has

Full Ball Bearings,
50473 High Torque Servo Safer,
50519 C.V.A. Mini Shock Unit Set (F&R),
50808 TG10 Long Wheel Axle (F&R),
53344 M03 Aluminum Heat Sink,
53346 Quick Release Battery Holder,
53390 Hollow Carbon Gear Shaft,
53440 On-Road Tuned Hard Spring Set,
53467 TL-01 & FF02 Long-Span Suspension Arm Set,
13442 Wheel Adapter Wide (Carson) (R),
13457 Wheel Adapter Medium (Carson) (F),
13588 Urethan Bumper w Mounting Plate (Carson),
13658 Chassis Mounting Plate (Carson),
00054871 Wheel Wideners (Carson) (F&R),
Homemade Aluminum Stabilizer Holder (F&R) and
Homemade Exhaust Pipe




Sweet looking Celica, wheels suit it really well while the colour is a great choice!



Thank you! I wanted to give it an original look and so those chrome 5-spokes were just perfect.



I didn't really take to this style of Celica at first, but seeing yours in this colour, with those wheels, the simple yet effective looks fabulous! Top job all round. Might even get me'self one some day!

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