Model: (Click to see more) 58293: Beams Integra Type R
Status: New built
Date: 21-Mar-2005
Comments: 6
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This is one of my favourites. I love Hondas so this one had to be part of my collection. And an Integra has to be white... But I don't like the precutted decals. The chassis is equipped with
Full Ball Bearings,
50473 High Torque Servo Safer,
50519 C.V.A. Mini Shock Unit Set (F&R),
53056 Pin Type Wheel Adapter,
53156 Hard Inner Sponge Set,
53342 TL01 Speed-Tuned Gear Set,
53346 Quick Release Battery Holder,
53440 On-Road Tuned Hard Spring Set (F&R),
13434 Aluminum Propeller Shaft (Carson),
13458 Aluminum Servo Mount (Carson),
13586 Aluminum Motor Heat Sink (Carson),
13588 Urethan Bumper w Mounting Plate (Carson),
13658 Chassis Mounting Plate (Carson),
Homemade Hollow Carbon Gear Shafts and
Homemade Aluminum Stabilizer Holder (F&R)




This is also one of my favourite Tamiya Hondas. Love the sharp design. Very nice pictures too !



Yes, the design of this car is great. Thanks



Champ white and a sweet looking car mate.



i think this is oneof tamiyas underated bodies. Very nicely done!!

rizzo rat


Spot on one of my favorite cars, and I have as well check it out

Maxxed Ross


I almost bought a real one just like that, wish I had Excellent car!

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