Model: (Click to see more) 99985: Yokomo
Status: NIB
Date: 22-Mar-2005
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I remember looking at these kits when they came out about 9-10 years ago, I was just getting into racing and 4 wheel drive cars were becoming the norm. I liked the weird look of the chassis but I couldn't bring myself to buy one because they were quite expensive and were only 2 wheel drive. Since I've started collecting I've kept an eye out for one but they seem to be much harder to get hold of than I expected. I suppose they didn't sell many in the UK for the same reasons I didn't buy one at the time.

This particular kit is the YR-F2 Special, this means that all the chassis parts are carbon fibre and that it's completely ball raced.

I found this kit languishing in a model shop in Hong Kong.The same shop had a number of other old NIB Yokomo kits e.g.MR4 J Type and a couple of nitro powered chassis'. I suspect the kit stayed on the shelf for this long because old kits don't appear to be particurlarly sought after in HK (other than by collectors). Only the latest and greatest sells! This is why the shop owner looked almost as pleased to get it off his shelf as I was to have it :) The shop I bought it from was located away from the area were the model shops seem to be located, I actually found it by accident when I got a bit lost coming out of a train station. Incidentally visiting the 'model shop district' (centered around Kwong Wah Street) is quite an experience! Approximately 20 model shops all centered around a small road junction. Heaven!

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