Model: (Click to see more) 99989: Schumacher
Status: Project
Date: 1-Apr-2005
Comments: 3
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This was bought for £10.50 on ebay to get a set of shocks for one of my Cats. It included the servo and receiver so there is £10 worth in themselves.

It is a Cougar 1 with a Cougar 2 body-shell. One driveshaft is missing (should have one in my spares box) but the outside of all 4 shocks are heavily corroded and the outer coating is peeling off. I'll have to get the Dremel out to clean up and polish the bodies.

The car has a couple of upgrades fitted, the standard rear shock mount is bolted to an alloy upgrade part and the gearbox has been modified to fit a Wasp slipper clutch. I think this car is destined for the spares bin though, I'm not interested in it as a car.

Wasp slipper clutch Alloy upgrade shock mount




please tell me you didn't strip it,looks like it would have made a nice car


No, it's still intact at the moment. It's sitting at the back of the queue of projects that haven't been started never mind finished. The body has moved to my Cougar 2 Team though but still undecided what to do with the rest of it.



get your money back and sell it to me please....not got one of these

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