Model: (Click to see more) 58051: The Fox
Status: New built
Date: 17-Oct-2002
Comments: 2
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I've always wanted one since I built one for a friend when I was 15 but could not afford one then. I can now though :D Saw this one for sale on BlazerFrazer's website and bought it. The build quality is very good but I had to add the front anti-roll bar and get rid of those dreadful rear axles and diff and put a set of Thorp dog bone axles in and ball diff:-)

*Updated 21/04/09*

Well I decided to start updating the pictures in my showroom as the original photos were taken nearly 7 years ago and mega pixels and Marcos have moved on. Thought I would start with my Fox, lovely car, although i would have to ask who thought the 'waterproof' chassis was I good idea because it isn't. Its still got the now mega rare Thorp rear axle and ball diff fitted and can now be seen in some of the below photos. Comments welcome ;-)

Thorp rear axles Original Picture Taken Back In 2002

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Class of ^86




Updated Photos



Ahh, The Fox! My First True Hobby Grade RC, I still got my Original plus a NIB example.....Love it

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