Model: (Click to see more) 56312: Volvo FH12 Globetrotter 420
Status: Restored
Date: 4-Apr-2005
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This all started as a local auction site find

down below, a picture of the packing, did you ever get

something packet like this?

Amazing, it all survived without much damage!

Unpacked it, quite a decent shape, even better
then i expected it to be to be honest

But, it is a used truck, had a view accidents.


The rebuild started, was hoping for a quick & dirty fix but that does not going to work


I really attract messed up Merc's by some sort of evil way.

So decided to fit a new Merc body..

Tossed the old one in the bin 'as i had a spare one laying around anyway'


I did not have one spare! , already used it on a other Mercedes.

O o... Houston, we have a problem now.

So, the rig changed body and some parts, and became a Volvo FH12 Globetrotter

As i really like the Heisterkamp and Jonker & Schut 1:1 colour theme, decided to go for a mix of those

many hours went into the paint job, and.. don't dislike the way it turned out myself.

Actually, some parts of the Mercedes remained, more for historical reasons then anything else.

The rear mudguards, gas tank & air tanks and windshield wipers are reused.

But, that is about it. Anything else is new or refurbished.

To get a bit more custom look at it,

Diamond metal plate is added around the 5th wheel section

That was quite a mission to drill correct & get it lined up proper

how it came, nice packing he ? How it started, a mercedes 1838LS

If you liked those pictures, you should see these...
Going old style




no damage,or not much!?what is it 'a sand scorcher
or ford ranger xlt nib'



its a semi truck i think.



Talk about custom packing! The sad thing is it must have taken him ages to do. Nice rig mate.



Lol, that's some great packaging!



Great result, Looking very smart

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