Model: (Click to see more) 58001: Porsche 934 Turbo RSR
Status: New built
Date: 6-Apr-2005
Comments: 2
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Front bumper not attached as it is missing one front bumper mount. I recently built/painted the driver figure. Modern R/C gear & ESC has now been installed, along with the RS540 Hop-up ballraced Gearbox case / motor. This car drives very well, very smooth, very quiet with a good turning circle. Plenty of power, thanks to the 540 gearbox option. Will track down another front bumper mount, and re-chrome front bumper.

These early bodies have so much detail ... Rear view Shows modern RC gear & ESC layout Just like the real thing - huge motor at the rear Might remove light green paint one-day The project I bought from the UK ...


flux density


Wow , this looks good !

Crash Cramer


Seems like this one should have some updated photos. I am WAYYYYYYYY Overdue on updating my older posts when we only had 6 photos allowed to post. I think my digital cameras have jumped a few MPixels too.

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