Model: (Click to see more) 57701: RTR Pajero Rally Sports (CC)
Status: Runner
Date: 7-Apr-2005
Comments: 1
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This is my first ever tamiya. it looks standard but it isn't. it has an Mtroniks esc, an LRP motor and both locked diffs. i've also fitted some jugg shocks to the back to give some more gets a lot of abuse and is always broken(i've fixed it now). i think i've spent nearly £300 on it, buying parts and fixing the thing. i've also made some 'skirts' from pond liner (given to me by Jimbob4000) that bolt on, but they're a bit of a fiddle and i always forget to put them on. :p

latest pic with new suspension mod before the suspension mod rear view of new suspension, and muddy tyres! this is what it looked like when it was new! my attempt at an in-car cam! mods (old pic, gave up on Airfix glue now)


Robin A


cool car you got there... you don`t know how lucki you are too got that car. look so fun to drive

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