Model: (Click to see more) 58211: Rover Mini Cooper Racing
Status: Runner
Date: 19-Oct-2002
Comments: 5
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Big tyres need big torque.
So I tried M04's power unit combining to M03.

1 It looks so comical. Wheelbase are identical. Naked view Jump M03 and M04 are combined at this joint.




This looks fantastic, I can see roughly how it was done from the chassis pictures, but which parts of the M03 did you use, and is the gearbox at the back from the M04 or from something else? Excellent work, and the video shows that they handle the jumps nicely too


Thanks jozza,
This model has many driving pleasure.
If you want to make a car like this.
It is easy making this car from the spare-parts.
I will make the Parts-list of this car as soon as possible.



I made the Parts-list of this car. Please refer to the following.
[Click here]


OMfg thats arwsome i have been looking at using M02s to do similar with a onraod car.. but i now know wat i want to do .. can i get more details pics either posted on ur showroom or email me.. THNX

The Mad Modder


Truly amazing. Well done.

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