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Status: Project
Date: 17-Apr-2005
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At first I anodized an RC10 chassis black. It turned out a flat black (like the RC10DS chassis). Didn't like it since it wasn't glossy enough so I stripped all the anodizing off (again!) and this time had the chassis polished ot a mirror finish. Then reanodized the chassis black to get it to the nice gloss black anodizing.

Next I machined the RC10 parts (the only plastic this is the rod ends and the shock caps). All the parts were mirror polished and then anodized a dark gold.

While waiting for all this anodizing I decided to try my hand at painting. So I bought an Iwata HP-C airbrush, and air compressor and a bunch of acrylic and poly paint. I then took an RC10 body and masked off all the gold trim and sprayed it Tamiya black a few times. Went back and took the masking off and sprayed a gold leaf spray on the trim and backed it with a white paint. Then sprayed the gold one more time. I had to create all the decals from scratch because I didn't have clean scan of a Lotus79 decal sheet. I ended up printing the decals up with gold foil. It came out looking pretty decent with the decals, but I'll still have a body done professionally for it.

Welp... without further ado... here's the final unveiling!





best rc10 ive seen......that body looks awesome too

Dirt Racer


Gorgeous piece of work Al.



One of the best RC10´s on the site ! Really great work



Wow - haven't a clue what this is but it looks gorgeous anyway!
Couldn't be nicer if that was gold-plated..! Superb...



You are very talented sir, fantastic craftsmanship !!A++++++



Man, that Buggy looks sick. I would be afraid to run it. BTW those wheels look terrible, better send them along to me for proper 'disposal' LOL


Thanks gents. It was a fun build. It certainly made me appreciate those with painting talent a lot more now! As far as the wheels go.... Shodog... I was thinking of being sacriligious and anodizing the outter rings gold and the inner area black. I just couldn't get myself to do it!

erik swe


I´m looking RC10 ever!



That is gorgeous! best looking RC10 ive seen! Excellent work.



wow that is a thing of beauty.awsome!!!!!!!!!!!

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